Noteworthy Outcomes

LaBuda and White Trial Attorneys, LLC, focuses on criminal defense.  In the past several years, the pair have tried eight (8) cases to a jury, both misdemeanor and felony charges.  Seven juries found our client not guilty.

Our Jury Trials Include:

  • Most notable was an eight-day trial for Second Degree Murder.  Our client was in the wrong place at the wrong time and defended himself.  The jury found Mr. Morrison not guilty of second degree murder and a lesser included charge of manslaughter. This was the first not guilty jury verdict in a second degree murder trial in Wyoming in nearly 20 years;
  • Our client was a juvenile and charged with a sexual assault crime. The jury deliberated and found our client not guilty;
  • A man was charged with Reckless Endangering for allegedly pointing a gun at two people in a car as he passed them on the highway. The jury deliberated for less than an hour and found him not guilty;
  • Our client was charged with one felony and three misdemeanors after a fight on Forest Service property. We conceded a misdemeanor battery charge and the jury found him not guilty of the more serious felony charge of Unlawful Entry into an Occupied Structure and two other misdemeanor counts;
  • A young man was charged with possession of marijuana and DUI when he was sitting in a parked car. The arresting officer had no evidence of seeing our client driving the car.  A jury found the young man not guilty of DUI.

Other jury trials include State v. Wilkerson (2nd Degree Murder) and State v. Bohling (Obtaining Property by False Pretenses).    Both cases were effectively reversed by the Wyoming Supreme Court.

John has argued over a dozen cases at the Wyoming Supreme Court.  Recently, John argued Howard v. Aspen Way where the Court first recognized the private citizen’s right to privacy in their home against other citizens.

In 2017, John became the first defense attorney in the history of Wyoming to receive a boot camp recommendation for a female defendant.  Boot camp is a way to reduce the sentence and of a youthful offender (under 25) and must be recommended by the Court.  By statute, boot camp is only available to men.  John extended that right to a woman in State v. Taylor Blanchard.

Supreme Court Cases

Sweets v. State
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Wilkerson v. State
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Bohling v. State
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Howard v. Aspen Way
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